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Dragonfly Testing Solutions assists globalized insurers in their digital transformation journey, enabling them to provide better client experiences and achieve a competitive edge. We provide effective back-office operations to ensure that your applications and systems operate without a hitch. Our testing services portfolio and unrivaled track record demonstrate why insurance clients see us as a trusted adviser and top technology partner. Insurance processes are being streamlined and expedited by digital platforms. A high net-worth insurer needed standardized test lifecycles with clear procedures and KPIs, extendable, API-driven, and simple-to-integrate technologies that were in line with their Agile methods.

Digital transformation is Dragonfly’s specialty. We understand the challenges that insurers face when trying to keep up with the competition while providing excellent customer service. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive down costs. From our comprehensive testing portfolio to our unrivaled track record, we have the experience and expertise to help you succeed in the digital age.

Testing Insurance Application

There are a few different things to take into account when testing an insurance domain application. 

Call center This is where customers will contact representatives with questions or concerns. You’ll want to make sure that the call center is able to handle a high volume of calls and that representatives are properly trained to handle customer inquiries.

Policy serving This is the portion of the insurance application that allows customers to view and manage their policies. It’s important to test that policy changes can be made easily and that customers can access their information easily.

Claims This is where customers file claims and track the status of their claims. It’s important that this process is easy to follow and that customers can easily find the information they need.

Direct channel is another key area of focus when testing an insurance domain application. This is the portion of the application that allows customers to purchase policies directly from insurers. It’s important to test that this process is easy to understand and use.

Reports and business intelligence (BI) This is where insurers can track data and trends within the industry. It’s important for insurers to be able to easily generate reports and access BI tools in order to make informed decisions about their business.



The insurance sector is under pressure as consumers shift their spending to other priorities. In response, insurers are turning to digital solutions to remain competitive. However, these digital solutions come with their own risks.

One risk is that new functionality may be operated incorrectly. This can lead to bad user experiences and performance issues. Another risk is cybersecurity and fraud. These issues can arise when insurance companies collect and store sensitive data digitally. Finally, insurers need to be aware of the potential for poor performance as digital systems are implemented.

Despite these risks, insurers are finding that going digital is necessary to stay competitive. By understanding the risks involved, insurers can take steps to mitigate them and continue to provide valuable services to their customers.

DragonFlyTest: Why should you use it

  • Functional testing enables 100% coverage of business process tests and regulatory compliance.
  • Successful SMAC stack-wide digital transformation with digital assurance services that improve the client experience
  • create a high-maturity Agile DevOps organization by changing their current configuration
  • Modernization of old systems to ensure compatibility
  • Enhanced app security & performance for better business results.